"No man can own the Dells. He can only be its custodian for a time." - George H. Crandall
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Volunteer Opportunities

The Stewards need your help. Please consider volunteering your time and talent to help us protect and preserve the Dells of the Wisconsin River.

Natural Resource Management

We've found that most landowners in the river corridor want to preserve the natural ecology of the river corridor, but don't know what to do. To assist them, the Stewards are working to develop handbooks and other materials with accurate information about preserving and protecting the Dells' natural ecology.

We need people to help us develop the handbooks and other materials river landowners need -- professional and experienced amateur biologists, botanists and arborists with expertise about restoration and preservation of natural ecosystems, strategies for managing native and invasive species, and other natural resource management issues.

Teachers and Students

The Stewards believe that educating our youth and involving them in efforts to protect, preserve and respect the Dells of the Wisconsin River is critical to the long-term success of our mission.

We need teachers and students to help us design and build a website for area youth, offering age-appropriate information and opportunities for them and their famillies.

Grant Preparation

The Stewards plan to raise funds to buy land or scenic easements on the Dells river corridor using matching funds from the Knowles-Nelson Stewardship Fund.

We need people with experience in grant preparation -- grant research, grant writing and follow through -- to help us obtain grants to buy land or scenic easements.

Local Government Champions

The Stewards are working to form close working relationships with each local governments along the Dells river corridor in order to engage in conversation about optimizing the scenic, ecological and development potential of river corridor property within their boundaries.

We need people living in the Town of Dell Prairie, Town of Springville, Town of Lyndon, Town of Kildare, City of Wisconsin Dells, Village of Lake Delton, Town of Newport, and Town of Delton who are willing to champion river corridor protection by watching local government plans for riverfront property and reporting to the Stewards.


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